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I'm having a heck of a time getting an MPC 8250 diesel running. It acts like it is binding up. If you press down on it with a decent amount of force it runs fine. The gears on the truck and armature look good. I can usually solve problems with these motors by putting a 1/32 ball bearing into the plastic hole the armature sits in in the truck but no luck this time. Is it possible the posts the 2 small gears are on are worn out on the truck and causing it to bind? Any ideas? If not anyone have a good power truck for sale for this engine? Thanks for any help!lnl8250alnl8250b


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Yeah it was binding both ways. Talked to Jeff at Train Tender and figured out the field plate was ever so slightly loose from the frame the wheels were in on one side which was causing the armature to barely touch the field. Got the tabs bent tight and runs good again... 20 gray hairs later and 100 more hairs lost lol

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