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I have been having trouble getting my engine to run correctly. Quartering it seems to be the problem. When the rods bind, I reset them. The engine jerks forward, but in reverse it is smooth as can be even at 2 scale mph. Once or twice it ran smoothly in forward, but later went back to jerky forward operation. I have readjusted the rods many times but nothing seems to work. What am I missing?

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I’m confused, quartering a wheel has nothing to do with rods being adjusted, ……are you talking about the eccentrics? ……if the little tabs on the end of the eccentric cranks ( the part that goes into the wheel ) are broke off, it can make keeping the eccentrics in time a real chore. Best to post up pictures of your locomotive, and use a pencil or something to point at what you are adjusting ……


Yes it is the eccentrics, and yes the little tabs are there. When I try to readjust I make sure the tabs are in place before tightening down the screw. However, if that is not done correctly the rod(s) will bind.   

By the way, I mis spoke on the engine, it is lettered for the DM&N but MTH 0-6-0s I am sure were lettered for different roads, sorry for my mis thinking.

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You have a bad motor .. the worm gear gets pulled down when it goes forward hence the bind .. when you go reverse it moves away so it runs smoothly.. I fixed a bunch of these issues on this engine .. unfortunately at the time mth was out of stock and motor was discontinued I had to pull worm gear off of existing motor and put it on a known new motor problem solved every time .. hood this helps .. Vinny

Thanks for your lead on a motor repair. I worked with the engine again yesterday, and again the eccentrics. I did note a problem with one  side that the crank was coming down way low to the point it was hitting the deck on my bridge, and I think elsewhere. I re-adjusted it and it appears this time it ran smoothly in both directions. I will be running it again today to make sure it is running like it should.

I'll comment later.

Thanks to all.

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