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The first issue was about 4-5 months ago when the engine began taking off at top speed while running at normal speed (25-30). It would take off out of the blue and there was no controlling it with the hand held controller. The only way to stop it was to cut power to the track.

I’m using both DCS and Legacy systems on the layout but have not had this issue with any other MTH engines

The first couple times this happened I noticed it had other issues such as the smoke would not work or the lights would not come on. At that point I reset the engine and it worked ok. However, it continued to do it when I would let it set for a few weeks.

Over the holidays it did it again, taking off at full speed after running at 20 for about 5 minutes. Again I shut it down by cutting power to the entire layout. This time when I went to reset the engine I could not find it in the active or inactive list. It doesn’t exist any longer and if I do a search it doesn’t see the engine. It’s like the engine was never added and not on the tracks.

I tested it on a conventional track and it works fine, however, when on the DCS system it doesn’t recognize the engine. All my other MTH engines are listed just the Mohawk has disappeared.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

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What Version of DCS are you using? The remote will display it on the screen when you power it up. You need one of the latest to try the RECOVER ENGINE feature. The engine ID is probably out of range. It's also possible the remote lost your engine's ID is the reason you can no long find it in the remote.
I looked for a recovery feature but could not find it if it exists.

I'm not sure the recovery feature is in version 4.02. If I remember correctly one of the versions(4.0) had the recovery feature but it did not work.

Come to think of it 4.02 should have the feature and you'll find it under Menu/System/ Engine set up/ Recover engine/ you must use TIU #1 with no other engines on the track anywhere. Worth a shot.

The latest version 4.2 has the recover engine feature for sure.
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