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I recently purchased the 30-20302-1 Mass Bay RDC Budd car set with PS3.0 and the 30-20302-3 add-on set that goes with it.  On one of the add-on cars, the double white exterior lights on each end of the car over the door don't light at all.  I removed the shell and looked for anything obvious but didn't see anything.  I checked the voltage across the pairs of pads and I'm seeing 6.0VDC across 3 of the pairs, and 18.4VAC track voltage across the fourth.  Does anyone know if that is the correct/expected conditions?  I would not think all four lights on this car would be bad at once.  The interior lights and the red and green exterior lights on this car all work fine.

On my other two non-powered cars, there is one pair of white exterior lights that has one light working and one light occasionally flickering or dead, in the pair.

The powered unit appears to work fine.  That's assuming there is no light in the cab itself.  I don't see one in there.

The set is fun to operate even without the white lights working properly, but I'd like to get them working if I can.  Anybody have any suggestions on what to look at?

Thanks in advance , Bill Hilliard

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The lights on this set are wired in a "questionable" manner.  For one thing, the red and green markers are wired in parallel from one power source.  Given the fact that the specifications of the LEDs used are not the same, this results in some cars having dim or non-working green markers.  The headlights are also wired in parallel, while this is normally not as problematic as the different spec LED circuit, it's not the right way to wire them.  There's a little power module in each of the cars, check to see if all the wires are properly connected.

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