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Is it safe to say that a product with a number 6-38821 was built after a product numbered 6-28517?  I realize that if the numbers are close enough that the bigger numbered one was actually produced first.

Is there a master list showing all Lionel product numbers, or at least the ones preceded by '6-'?

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No.  They bounced all over the place when applying the numbers.  Some larger numbers were used earlier, many smaller ones later.  Even sets that "should" match, for instance a 4-Car passenger set, and a 2-Car follow-on set do not usually have consecutive product numbers, however passenger cars within a set normally do.


No.  The closest thing to a list would be the latest Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide (2021), but it doesn't have all the numbers, just most of them.


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@Mellow Hudson Mike, Thanks, but that's disappointing.  My quest is to get an American made Lionel diesel locomotive, hopefully a new one.  I saw on the CTT forum a post that said that 6-28517 was going to be the last GP made in the USA.  I was hoping to find it (I did) or earlier ones, but using the numbers to do that apparently is not an option.

I am glad to spend more money on American products if any are available.

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