Not a problem with my several other Command Control Fastack switches, but this 036 does not start blinking when I hold down the programming button.  I'm pretty sure this is a new, first-time-to-use switch. 

Switch works perfectly with remote and manually. No binding, no smoke. Anti-derail works perfectly. 

Any ideas?

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I suspect a pinched wire or loose connection to the program button.  Pull the back off the switch and trace the wires from the program button.  

Also, look at the brown antenna wire while you have the back off - it may be pinched or need re-routing. You can leave the back off to test it and see.

Thank you Richie for jumping in to help.

I wish it were something like a pinched or loose wire. Unfortunately, the program switch functions perfectly. Checking continuity on the switch, it works perfectly. I can measure continuity between what looks like a ground up to J1 on the small circuit board and make and break that with the button.

The brown antenna wire makes a gentle loop across most of the left side of the switch and does not appear damaged, pinched or poorly soldered to the ANT point on the board. I wouldn't think the antenna would prevent the switch from going into program mode, but what do I know.

I'm afraid this is one to send back for warranty as it is new.

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