Proposed Extension of #7 line in N.Y.

Ok so adding a tail to the #7 line, would trains arrive and depart every 15 minutes or so and just go north? that questions how many people getting off from NJT need to go North on the #7 line to justify the expense of this tunnel,or is it already there?

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The tunnel is not already there. Foolishly, a stop at the 42nd street ferry was eliminated when the 7 was extended due to extra expense. Furthermore the line is deep. You need an escallator or elevator to access. The Javits Center is in the middle of nowhere. It takes ten minutes to get from the street to the platform. And they have no plans to bring Metro-north down the west side. And the 7 line runs with narrow low-capacity cars. Because of the depth it takes fifteen minutes to get from the #7 42nd street stop to the street.

It makes you wonder who actually "plans" these things.  If you lived in the NY area, and are old enough, you may remember the NY Coliseum.  It was the place for car shows, boat shows and conventions.  It was accessible by several subway routes.  It was replaced by the Javits center which, as Tommy points out, was nowhere and was accessible only by car.  Now politicians have finally noticed you can't get there from here so they need a few tens of millions to extend, what might already be an inadequate line.  Years ago I rode the 7 train to work from Flushing to 42nd St, it was poor then I can only image how crowded it must be now.


You have to's an election year in N.Y....anything can happen,and probably will...You New Yorkers out there will understand....The gov and mayor are up...and at each other...time will tell....



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Originally when the Javits was being proposed, way back in the dark ages of the late 70's, there also were already plans to provide transit connections to the Javits center (outside buses), given how far west it is. Problem was, of course, there was no money to expand the 7 train (there was another proposal, to have a line going east that would connect with the 8th avenue line if I remember correctly), then too there was talk of light rail..none of which happened because the money wasn't there, the subway at the time was a royal mess for lack of funding. The real impetus for the expansion of the 7 line was not the Javits center, it was the plans for the Hudson Yards that ended up spurring it (initially if a  stadium had been built there, now with the housing and so forth being put up there).  I would guess creating a link with the 7 train to the new station area would be to allow people wanting to go to Javits or the hudson yards area from there a way to do it without walking, but given the distance is about 3 long blocks, not sure it is worth the cost, and to get to other parts of the city the existing 7th and 8th ave subways would be more direct then taking the 7 train north. 

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