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Hi All - I have been struggling for a while on ideas for a new layout. My latest thought is to build a traditional postwar one that could run TMCC/Legacy postwar type equipment too if the mood struck me.

My question is should I set the layout up first and foremost as a command layout that would allow me to then run 50's equipment through the Legacy Cab-2 and a power bridge? I am not sure if I build it first as strictly traditional, with fiber pins in the track, can I then go to command if I wanted to? I think I have to do some special wiring because of the reversing loops and I'm not sure of the impact to utilizing command at that point. I have attached a pic of the proposed layout. 


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Reverse loops and isolated blocks will work fine in command if they work in conventional.  No changes needed.  Likewise if you want to control conventional trains via the Powermaster and the cab-2, no changes in wiring to your conventional layout will be needed.  So wire it for conventional if you like, and command will work fine as well.

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If you already have some`50's engines convert them to TMCC command and run them on your command layout that way. once you start running other trains on command, you will never be satisfied again with conventional control for your`50's era stuff. I noticed in the For Sale section 5 LCRU's are available at a pretty fair price. They are easy to install in `50's era locos and provide basic command control.

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