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Biting the bullet, waiting on my digikey, mouser, and oshpark orders to come in. I figure I'll try and solder the board first, if I don't screw that up then soldering a 3 pin header on an unreplaceable board should be a walk in the park. Happy to see all this was worked out by you guys way before I even considered dead power yards.

@gunrunnerjohn Can you add a BOM to the first post? I found another thread with a BOM list... but now that I have it all in front of me it looks like I may be missing something.

Here's the thread I found the BOM originally:

However it appears this WD gen rev uses a different PCB layout/parts from the post above

Edit: I'm just now realizing that the BOM on that thread is for an older 555 revision of the board. I see a Rev 2 on the bottom of this board so that explains the wildly different PCB layouts

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Here's the BOM for your version, that was the first generation of the design.  The 555 version was the later version, it required no calibration.

Ahhh gotcha, well good thing these pcb's were extremely cheap lol

@rtr12 posted:

I have a few kits left for the 555 version of the PBW. Send me an email if interested, email is in my profile.

It sure would be nice of MTH did resume production of the remote commanders.

shot an email over

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