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I am slowly becoming aware of the need for the protection of both transformers and electronic boards in locomotives.

Have quoted below what I was told i would need.

My question is how to spec out these items and where to buy them? Also, anyone have a diagram on how to accurately wire this all up?

***Posted January 25, 2012 10:12 PM ***

"the breaker or fuse you install to protect your transformer is located on the low voltage output or secondary side of the KW that connects to the center rail of your track.

On a 3-rail o-gauge layout a circuit breaker or fuse protects your transformer against overcurent surges from a derailment or other shorting of the circuit or rails on the layout.

A TVS [Transient Voltage Suppressor]protects your locomotive's electronics and the very small,fragile wiring against Voltage Spikes [voltage spikes are generated from the transformer--they do not normally trip breakers or blow fuses].

So, breakers or fuses installed on the secondary side[output-to-track]of your transformer protect the tranformer itself from overcurrent surge. The TVS protects your ontrack equipment from voltage spikes.

A circuit breaker or fuse holder is wired inline on each of the Hot wires extended from your transformer binding posts out to center rail.

The TVS is wired accross the line between your Hot and Common transformer posts or some other place in the wire run such as at a terminal strip.
The TVS is wired like a short but will not act as a short, is simply clamps down on voltage spikes.

A&Y RY[NC's Southern/N&W connector].
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