Question for the MTH experts...why is it that my Proto 1 BL-2 ONLY works with my Lionel ZW/KW transformers?  Even with an MTH transformer of the same vintage, it only lights up/motor sounds but doesn't move.  Hook up the vintage Lionel transformers, and it works fine.

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Certain MTH products of a specific vintage do not work with the Z-500/750/1000 because of the chopped sine wave output. These locomotives need a "pure" sine wave and should work with a Z-4000, all postwar and prewar transformers as well as the MRC Pure Power.
They usually do not work with other modern transformers such as the CW-80 or the MRC Dual Power either, although this can be hit and miss.

That's exactly what I'm experiencing; it doesn't work on my MRC Dual Power, either.  It's strange that of all my vintage MTH products, the BL-2 is the only one with this problem.  I guess I'm stuck with only running it with my "classic" transformers, then.  Thank you!


 At one time I had an Al Trol walkaround memory throttle. This preceded command control and was rather simple in design as most trains from that era didn’t feature sound systems. It did have a momentum feature. You basically set your power supply which in my case was a ZW to 18v. The throttle then regulated the voltage going to the track.  It had to be plugged into it’s own box with a phone like cord.  You could daisy change additional boxes which allowed you to unplug the throttle and plug it into another station further down the line. I do remember not being able to get a Proto 1 engine out of neutral using it. Can’t remember how the QSI sound system worked with it. With my layout growing in size. The walkaround throttle even though tethered was a must have. I was able to get around the problem by getting the engine moving using the throttle of the ZW. Pretty sure you could then place the engine back in neutral. Then with a quick flip of a toggle. Switch the power so now it went through the Al Trol.  Then you could run the engine with it. Worked fine as long as the engine remained powered up.

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