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I have a Proto 2 3V S2 (20-2680-1) that I purchased new, (2006ish) and have had a J&W BCR in it since that time. Today I put the engine on the layout after a 5 year hiatus from railroading, and was disappointed to find that the sound would not come up to the level it was previously at. I checked the dial on the underside of the engine and it is indeed up all the way. Both a feature and factory reset were completed with the DCS remote yielding no improvement. I’ve heard the speakers can become stiff over time and can cause issues. The speaker is an 8 OHM 2 Watt. Is it likely this is an issue with the speaker or a board issue? Thanks in advance.

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The speaker has never been changed unless it was by MTH prior to delivery, I’ve owned since new and have never had any work done on this locomotive. Yesterday was the first time I removed the housing over the speaker to check which speaker it was. As for the BCR, I did consider the fact it had not been used in some time and waited about 5 minutes prior to starting the engine.

Some of the MTH small switchers steam and diesel did use a smaller and 8 ohm speaker.  So picture would help.  Normally those speakers don't have issues with bad magnets.  Ohm it out to see if it is 8 ohms.

One thing that does reduce volume is a bad Battery charge circuit and low voltage on the battery/bcr.  Until the battery 2 pin connector rises above 2.7V the 3V processor reduces audio out as a protective measure.  Remove BCR from 2 pin.  If volume jumps back up you either have a bad bcr, bcr that needs longer to charge, or the charging part of the board has gone bad.  G

I unfortunately was not able to get a picture of the speaker today but it is oval in shape and is stamped 8 ohm 2 W.

I decided to take the BCR out to see if that was the issue…. Somehow this engine slipped through the cracks years ago and I did not put a BCR in it, (I’ll have to check the rest of the roster now). Adding a BCR fixed the sound level issue but I now have a speaker that sounds pretty raspy that I assume is blown. MTH Parts and Sales says that it should be a BF0000040 speaker. Assuming the speaker is bad, what is involved in replacing it?


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