What type of product are you referring to? In a locomotive, Proto 3 does not require a battery whereas Proto 2 does. In my opinion, it's best not to ever have to bother with replacing a battery. So I would recommend Proto 3. You could accomplish the same thing by installing a BCR in a Proto 2 setup - but why do it that way unless cost is a significant issue?


the ps 2  5 volt boards fail quite frequently but also some of there boards last a long time? ps2 3 volt were good boards and usually only suffer a amp ic when you get track shorts, but shorts can kill  any boards including ps 3. ps2 3 volt boards can generally be repaired, ps2 5 volt boards can not be repaired and ps3 board sometimes can be repaired! the difference between ps2 3 volt n ps 3 boards is ps2 3 volt boards can take a 2 meg sound file and ps 3 boards I believe can take up to  a 4 meg sound file.

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PS-3 replaced obsolete tech in PS-2.  Just like PS-2 3V replaced the very early and first PS-2 5V boards.

Basically PS-3 gives more memory for sound files, more features, LED lights versus Bulbs, No battery, DCS and DCC capability, Ability to detect DCS on any rail when 2R-3R engine, and some other stuff on the tech side.

It is the last from MTH and what is supported the easiest.  G

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