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I would say always best to use the product number, grab the manual, and go off it VS guessing and hoping a certain series or date included 2rail and 3 rail feature switching.

Using my tried and true 20-3XXX-1 number scheme specific to premier steam(20-30xx-1 is less desirable and likely 5V, 20-312x-1 is more likely to be 3V PS2). -2 was typically used to denote scale wheels (not all engines have a -2 option).

I started using the number system mid range just to get a baseline. Definitely confirmed 5V PS2 earlier engine that does not appear to have 3-2 rail switching capability. is PS2 3V and has the 3-2 rail compatibility

So then a Triplex is a PS2 5V and does not have the capability. is also PS2 5V and no 3-2 rail switch is a PS2 3V but not yet with 3-2 rail switching capability is a PS2 3V and does include 3-2 rail compatibility

Again, I would caution going off number alone. Pull down the manual and verify.

20-30XX-1 PS2 5V

20-3122-1 PS2 3V but not yet 3-2 rail

20-3132-1 PS2 3V and has 3-2 rail

I did not exhaustively check the number range for PS2 5V engines (steam), just way too many of a range there.


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Again, without knowing the exact engine product number, I did a decent range search and 3-2 rail function appears in 2004 in Premier steam starting at 20-3130-1. There may be an engine I am not aware of that has 3-2 rail in a PS2 5V, but I just do not know of it. Even then, PS2 3V is not a guarantee to be 3-2 rail. Example 20-3129-1 is PS2 3V but not yet with 3-2 rail function.

There seems to be a range that happened in roughly 2004 starting with 20-3118-1 through 20-3129-1 that are PS2 3V but not 3-2 rail. 20-3117-1 appears to be the last PS2 5V in 2003? It's also, according to the manual, not 3-2 rail switching.

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