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I don’t see the point of adding PS3 on older units. You won’t be able to capture and utilize all the features it contains due to the make-up of each model. Plus, older diesels didn’t have open lighted number boards, smoke units and better speakers either.

Can you order replacement pre-programed boards for specific subway routes, diesel type, and steam engines people have?

Expensive change just to only have limited options.

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Have a 30-4240-1 engine only production sample that was purchased at auction that MTH had.   It is PS3, remote says engine not found.  Cost me over $240.00. By the time the time I pay for shipping to you  then a diagnostic charge then probably a new  board. Please advise on approximate cost Email

It's impossible to quote a price based on that information.  It could be a board replacement, but it could also be something very simple.  Finally, there are failures on the PS/3 boards that can be repaired for a lot less than a new board.  I think the only way you're going to know is to either open it up and diagnose it yourself or take it to a repair shop to have it looked at.

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Not saying it is a 3 year post.  MTH's last auction bib on the 30-4240-1.  Won the bid on an engine that will not run.  It was a production sample.  Have over $250  in this engine/  Wanted it because it is a Veterans addition which Iam. Had it on the track remote says "looking for engine" then it will state "engine out of range".  It is a PS3. On reading some of your comments the sound board my be out of it.  MTH will pull a good board out put it in one that needs repaired then put the bad board in the production sample. Talked to a customer service person he stated as fact.

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