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I had the exact same problem and characteristics as Sinclair did, and his observation that :

"if you take the top PCBA and kinda rotate it (keeping it parallel to the bottom board) the sound goes away. "

gave me the clue to the solution. The pins of both 8 pin connectors should be reheated with a 20 ( or so ) watt soldering iron to

reflow the connections to the bottom of the top sound board. The oval pad connections will heat and reflow relatively easily.

QSI board bottom

The square pad connections toward the center of the board are the ground plane connections ( the most likely cause of the

buzz ) and will probably need longer heating.


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  • QSI board bottom
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Speaker buzz can be caused by something as simple as not having the board isolated from the frame.  Recently I had to pull the shell on my SW-8 to see how the board is wired as reference for another project.  After putting it together,  I  got the famous speaker buzz. Pulled it all apart again and noticed a small piece of clear plastic that isolates the board was not properly seated.  An easy fix and buzz is gone. Try this first before spending a lot of money on new electronics.

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