Not sure if this has been discussed, but looking for info on changing PS2 or 3 engine protosounds. Specifically from a freight to a passenger type.

Anyone do this before and what is the procedure ?

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What engine are you looking to change the sounds in? Changing the sounds is not too hard. Finding a sound file that will work will take some research. Type the engine model type into the MTH search box, scroll over the results and select Features to see if the engine had Freight yard sounds or Passenger Sounds. Using a RR Specific file might be needed so that your PRR engine doesn't announce Rio Grande. Some models may not have a Passenger station sound file at all. If you find a file you then you need a computer and the DCS Loader software to load the new sound file into the engine.

 Also have to consider which board your engine has. Cannot put a PS-2 5 volt file in a PS-2 3 volt board. If this is the case then you have to see if MTH issued a 3 volt upgrade file for that PS-2 5 volt engine. I am not sure what all you can do with the Proto 3 boards. You can put a PS-2 3 volt file into a PS-32 board but not sure about a straight PS-3 board. 


Yes you can do it if you can find a similar engine with passenger.  Need to keep type same.  PS-2 5V to 5V or 3V to 3V.  PS-3 to PS-3, though you can load a PS-2 3V Sf, but not sure why you would want to do that with PS-3.  G

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