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I am about to install PS-2-3v in a MTH PRR K-4 and I might use the PS-1 board at some point with a Train America Studios  UCUB board which calls for locking the PS-1 board in forward. I have tried a dozen or so times.   loco running foward, whistle, throttle off, whistle off. one second later the whistle sounds and I immediately turn the throttle back on.  NO LUCK, loco is not locking in forward. Anyone ever have this problem and how did you solve it. BTW the loco has a BCR installed if that matters.     j

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It looks like you're following the instructions closely.  Here's what they say for my Allegheny:

Is the above what you're doing, including the line I highlighted in yellow?  If so, two things:

  1. Your BCR may be bad or the internal circuit charging the BCR is bad.  Also, make sure that you've given it enough time to fully charge, say maybe two minutes, prior to attempting any change of settings.  Instead of having enough carry-over power in place to allow it to successfully store the setting, there isn't enough and the engine is forgetting its lock-in-forward programming during that brief fraction of a second where the power is off.
  2. If you think that the BCR is actually good and not bad, try doing an unlock sequence first, and then immediately after that try the lock-into-forward sequence once again.



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Mike thanks for the response,  I charged a MTH green battery last night 8.97v  and installed it this morning, I am following the manuals instructions word for word. It matches your yellow high lite also.  No Luck. I have some spare regulators for that board that's my next move. BTW, The BCR runs the sound for a couple of seconds when I cut the power so the charge circuit is likely good. However I will still change the regulator.   Thanks,   j

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