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can protosound 2 boards be transplanted from engine to engine? I have a Mth 2-12-4 that I love. I managed to fry the boards. I have a Hudson that I could care less about. Can the boards be switched. Both are early 2000’s.

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Yes and no.  For PS-2 5V and 3V that require flash code boards to get the proper operation of the function, you need a like board.  Otherwise yes they can.

You said 2-12-4, now 4-8-4.  If you fried a articulate 5V board you need a Special Flash 5V to get the proper chuff.  Or go with a PS-2 3V, but you need to change the connectors on the board, speaker and battery.  G

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Assuming that the two engines have a -1 at the end of their numbers, both have PS2 5 volt boards (according to their respective instruction manuals) and neither is an articulated engine. Therefore, the boards can be swapped.



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