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John, Protosound 3 upgrade kits are available from MTH.  A lot has to be changed out besides the boards.  That includes, electro-couplers, leds, speaker, wiring harness.  The kits come with everything and detailed instructions.  I have done them for my own engine.  Last I checked they are $199, with a discount if you join the MTH Club.  Many folks on the Forum and other certified MTH technicians will do them for a charge.  As you can see, it isn't an investment to be taken lightly.  I think you need to decide if the engine is worth the cost to upgrade versus buying another engine and selling the current one to a conventional operator.

Case in point.  I bought a Protosound Western Maryland BL2 and upgrade kit thinking MTH would never produce such an oddball again in the foreseeable future.  No sooner had I completed my upgrade, MTH announced a PS3 BL2 in Western Maryland colors.  I saw the new product and it is better detailed for about the same cost I have in the one I upgraded.    If I had paid someone to do the upgrade, I would have had more money in the less detailed upgrade than I would have had in a new one.  It was an experience.

I would say some of the experts will chime in with details. 

Yes to upgrade, but that is a very basic early GG-1 with big bulbs and hardly any features.  They also had a mechanical coupler integrated into the truck and in some cases not changeable with a proto coupler.  It was like a Post War Design.

For the cost your probably better off getting a newer RK model with PS-2 3V.  Or splurge on a RK PS-3.  G

Mark Boyce posted:

John, I post my for sale items right here on the For Sale or Trade section of this Forum.  You have a better chance of getting an honest buyer.  While OGR has no responsibilities for sales going bad, I have always dealt with first class people here.

So far I have also had the pleasure of dealing with first class people on this forum. I will look into how to put something up for sale.

Thanks Mark

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