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You just wave the bottle of Brunswick green lightly over the model after it has been painted black




Seriously, I would find a model with paint I liked and ask what the paint was????? There are so many things that affect perception of color, it's a real can of worms!


Oh No, Not Again!!


Actually there is no "correct" DGLE (Dark Green Locomotive Enamel) color. The various shops around the system mixed thier own paint and it varied in hue depending on the local supplier. Weather, sun exposure, shopping frequency, all effected the "shade" of the actual locomotive. Use photographs or memory then use a mix that works for you.

I use Floquil Brunswick Green as the base coat. Then spray Floquil Crystal Coat for decaling, then Crystal Coat again to seal. I always weather so there is little of the original "sheen" left on the model. Works for me!



DGLE paint was comercially purchased by the railroad in bulk from major suppliers like DuPont.  The PRR used drift cards for the various "standard" colors to provide a degree of uniformity of color. To the best of my knowledge DGLE was rather uniform when fresh, the variation observed in color photos is likely due to weathering and lighting.  Tuscan and freight car red is a different story, as better ( and darker) red pigments came into use in the 1950's. 




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