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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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1937 Continental Star introduced their OO gauge PRR E6 steam engine .
The Star was offered as outside 3rd rail , which was the standard for all scale trains ( O, OO & HO).
Scale Craft with their new OO gauge line with more realistic 2 rail operation late in 1937 would cause a major upheaval among all the other manufacturers and modelers everything currently made was to become obsolete or need modifications to adapt to the newest advancement in the hobby.
The Star Atlantic offered early in 1937 with initial rtr price of $ end of the year price slashed to $33.00 to stimulate sales.
1939 Continental sells the Atlantic line to Nason to be added to their line up.
Please see link for video of Star Atlantic running .

Cheers Carey



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