PRR J1's and Santa Fe 2-10-4's at Sandusky, Ohio (1956)

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Stuart - 100% correct. The"Committee" took the highly successful T1 design and scaled it down for NKP/C&O/Pere Marqette/W&LE use.  Highly successful?  The T1 2-10-4's "were pulling 160 car coal trains into Columbus (OH) when Electro Motive Corporation was peddling doodlebugs" (comment by David P. Morgan !) in the early 1930's.

What's also interesting is that considering that the C&O didn't use their H-8 2-6-6-6's to pull longer/heavier trains than the T-1 2-10-4's, they could have just ordered more T-1's, thus saving themselves the extra cost of the larger engine, and the higher pay scale for the crews.



The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an on coming train!

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