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I found this nice Spec Cast truck kicking around the shop and decided to convert it to a MOW truck. I bought it a while back but forgot about it. I really prefer 1:50 models for the layout but they are a bit hard to come by.

It’s a bit of a fantasy scheme as I don’t have any good photos (I swear I have one in a book somewhere but can’t seem to find it). I soaked it in isopropyl for a few nights. It had like three pounds of paint on it. Decals are Micro Scale. Tomorrow’s project is to paint up some junk to put in the bed.



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Thanks you guys. Tom, all told probably six hours or so. I worked on it in between some other projects (like reorganizing the shop again). Brad, sorry man! These are out there though, not terribly uncommon. I did save the signs though.

I filled the bed with some crates and stuff from my details collection. The RR Xing sign is a bit suspect though, not sure I’ll keep it in there:


I hope they don’t hit too many potholes. That rear suspension must be the sport version.


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Looks fantastic!
I back in the '70's, had a 1:1 1955 Studebaker E38 truck that I used as a race car hauler. A converted Oil tanker/ to a farm truck to a ramp truck, the patina looked about the same as what you produced. Except for one detail... there was a rust stain mid drivers door, Window ledge to mid-door,  a result of the farmer and his chaw... It seems Good Bite is corrosive....

Tom, here’s the Atlantis (Revell) ‘55 Chevy 6400. I know this kit was cleaned up and improved over the original but it was still a bit of a challenge to assemble. It definitely has a bad side and a semi-ok side. It didn’t help that I thought I could build the frame first and then set the assembled cab. The cab split a few times as I tried to set it on the frame. I tried to keep the weathering a bit light as this should be in almost brand new condition for the year my layout is supposed to be set in but it’s looking like it’s been rode hard and put away wet a few times already.


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