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The book I was referring to is the "Illustrated Treasury of Budd Railway Passenger Cars: 1931-1981".

Not as many diagrams on the Metroliners, but a wealth of photos of all things Budd and lots of great builder's photos of a majority of the Budd products. A must have for any fan of passenger cars.

I need to dig out Joe Acri's contact. He did research for me on the GG1 project and is thoroughly fluent in finding information in both the state archives of PA as well as some good connections to the PRRT&HS society.

His fees are not cheap, but certainly reasonably for the quality of product. Again, I'll need to do a little digging on contact info. It's been nearly two years.
I did not mean to imply any hasseling or cheating. The guy who made me an offer was not trying to hassle or cheat. The American way is to go into business with others. It's just that the train business, at least on obscure things, is a difficult business to clearly see a profit. Mike Wolf is an exception, not the rule.

Very often these folks with very special parts either forget where the current pile of letters is. or get the piles of correspondence hidden under some other project. I know I always tell folks I promise stuff to to call me again if they do not get a package within, say, three weeks. I have a way of forgetting . . .

Eric Lundgren has posted elsewhere photos of the Division Point RDC. I have never seen such quality in an obscure model, and if they can do that for an RDC, perhaps it could be done for the Metroliners?
Does anyone know if the Latest Lionel Cab car has the same Width as the MTH Metroliner cars? I am considering a kitbash. IF not the Lionel version, How about the Williams Metroliners?

The Lionel Amfleet cars are "slimmer" than the MTH cars and look a little strange together. I've got the MTH versions and my son has the HHP-8 set. This was one of the first things I looked at when he got his set after they were released.

The Williams versions are "fatter" than the MTH cars because they are extruded aluminum and are more like traditional 15" extruded aluminum passenger cars.

All three manufacturers have used a different "scale" when making their Amfleet cars. Makes mixing and matching brands rather difficult. Frown

I would like to see MTH offer "rubber" retrofit kits for their Amfleet car windows. The Lionel ones are superior in this regard.

Parts arrived

Shell is scale length, non engineer end is plastic and very nice. The operator end is rough and has too many windows and doors are not correct.

Remember when I started this topic I said my plate was full and needed someone else to do work. Whatever.

Do need help, if I remember correctly, someone probably WBB has a power truck for many engines including Metroliners. Does anyone know more details?

That operator end looks like a later cab control car configuration - even though it's still not right for that either. It looks more like one of those than a true Metroliner cab.

As far as trucks go, I think the Metroliner trucks look more like AAR type B trucks than anything else. WBB incorrectly used Genesis sideframes on some of their more recent models.

I have found that the most accurate replacement trucks for Metroliners are very similar to those found on later RDC's. Athearn's RDC trucks look quite good on a few HO restorations I've done to a fleet of Bachmann cars that lost their trucks.

The extrusion has no window cut outs? Do you need to provide that yourself? If so how? Just curious. I have several Williams O "gauge" cars and would like to get a more scale Metroliner to play with.

However, Fred called it. The Williams late cars have the Genesis unit style side frames which are not very close. Also every single car in the set is set up to be a power unit and is weighted as such. A single powered unit will not pull the weight of the four car set up a grade. I added a second powered unit, but then robbed parts for a Genesis project instead ......

I would think that the Williams end caps might actually work in the extrusion you have if it is the same style extrusion. The cab side parts you got are definitely post Metroliner rebuilds into cab cars. Even after the Amtrak rebuild program, the Metroliners retained the single window for the cab. I remember them running in service between Philly and Harrisburg during their final years as powered units.

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