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Here is something unique ..a mini GG1 ... Lowey streamlined the PRR Class P5 ..,,did he ever do the class O1electric?
Scratch built in 17/64ths scale for O gauge , wood body , brass chassis ...small commerial motor , steel spring drive.
Lettered " Union Terminal" which was Jack Brambles RR ...who built on 17/64ths ...and used spring drive on several of his engines.
Built mid 1930's - 40's running outside 3rd rail.

Jack also built a GG1 in 17/64ths ...still on the hunt for that one .

Pulling early Scale Craft cars 1934-36

Yes Bob these are 1st generation SC cars ...diecast come on in 1937.

Please see link for action video ...yes it is loud .

Cheers Carey



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@rheil posted:

Speaking of "small" versions of the GG1 the PRR had one of a 2-B-B-2 class electric numbered 5800 that looked almost exactly like a small GG1 without striping. I saw it when it was used for years as the Baltimore tunnel helper.

Carey's model does have the vent pattern of the lone DD1 5800.  I suspect that is what his model is based on.  Very interesting rendition of it!

Hello Carey, sorry it took a bit for me to get down there and pull it off the shelf.  Not much to look at but I like it.  It would not take much to fab up a little U channel motor frame for the drive wheels that came with it.  Pretty sure who ever built it was scaling it out for 17/64ths as it is about 2-11/16ths wide and about 12-1/8" long. I'd also add, you can sure see the rough grain in the wood on the underside, it was definitely made from table scraps lol but I guess you would expect nothing less from something likely built 60-70 years ago from scratch.

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Here is something unique ..a mini GG1 ... Lowey streamlined the PRR Class P5 ..,,did he ever do the class O1electric?
Scratch built in 17/64ths scale for O gauge , wood body , brass chassis ...small commerial motor , steel spring drive. ...snip...

Cheers Carey


Yuck, that thing is UGLY!!

Hmmm, it looks like it is using bow trolleys, Pleas post a photo that shows a close-up of one. Especially one that shows the pan raised (if it can be).

Dale - story behind the boxcab: Homebuilt 25 years ago from various bits and pieces. Frame a piece of sheet brass, drivers from Lionel 0-4-0 w/machined grooves on one side for rubber traction tires, driver side frames from plastic & brass bits, can motor from Frank Timko, electronics ERR Cruise Lite & ERR RailSounds, Lionel pantographs, body sides from 2 Lionel postwar SP style cabooses, body ends plastic??, roof from a 1/4" piece of acrylic plastic sanded, end platforms cut from Lionel NW frame. I have since acquired a RMT Beep shell that i will take the end platforms, steps & railings from to replace the Lionel ones. Thanks for your interest.

Seconded.  Reminds me of the pole pans used on the Skokie Swift... 


I had completely forgotten about the Skokie Swift (I did ride it once with Dad when I was on graduation leave from the Navy Great Lakes boot camp). I remember at a trolley meet somewhere that someone made a version of the Skokie "pans" using two Wagner two-spring vertical poles with a strip soldered across the tops. It worked reasonably well, too.


I have a scratchbuilt model of a PRR ND cabin that has the name "J. H. Bramble" lettered on the bottom along with the date 1-31-56.

I had never heard of him before I saw your post on the "O1".    I think this caboose model is also 17/64 based on the measurements I just took.   It seems to be a scale foot too wide and a scale foot too long.

I didn't reaslize this was 17/64 until I got curious after your post.

Jim Botsko

Hello Stephen -- Yes i received your idea, but right now that project is on hold with many others: Medical issues (knee re-replacement and then fall on replaced knee opening the sutures, along with amild cardiac incident during knee surgery) plus a few other priority  projects like liquidating trains from an estate of a friend of a friend ( page 11  in "for Sale" section), putting ERR Cruise Lite & ERR Sound Converter in WBB 44 tonner, cleaning 2 years of dust and dirt from my model RR, etc.

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