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     Just curious if anyone has had any trouble with the traction tires on this model.

I tried to put them on with the original Wheels and then had to replace them with a new drive block(part#DF1130010) ,

which i was surprised that MTH had in stock,

But they still just come right off after the first curve, I'm using 072 Fasttrack,

I have even tried using a smaller traction tire but still the same problem, there are no grooves in the wheels,

any help or direction would be helpful,


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I have the PS/3 version, it has one set of grooved drivers on the rear set of drivers.  If there are no grooves, it wasn't designed for traction tires, but I find that really unusual! Truthfully, even with traction tires the T1 Duplex suffers from the same issue as the prototype, poor traction.

Why did you replace the drive block?  Did the old drive block have traction tires?  FWIW, the user's manual for the 2006 model "appears" to show tires on the last set of drivers, but it's hard to say from the pictures.

I don't know how they ended up without grooves unless it was a manufacturing error.  I've never seen any modern (command equipped era) 3-rail steamer without traction tires, especially something like the T1 Duplex.  I'm sure that model was intended to have traction tires, I have no idea why yours doesn't.

Is this a scale wheel engine and not the hi-rail model?

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Not familiar with the term 'drive block' I picture an assembly with axle and wheels in place that you can swap out.  If that is so, is the other set of drivers an identical drive block that is physically the same except for  no traction tire grooves,  mistakenly put in by the factory and that is the replacement set they sent?

@GGG posted:

That was my original question to you in post 3   I asked is it scale, you answered Premier.  They also have smaller flanges and do not do well on all track types.  G

Well, the Hi-Rail engine is a scale engine as well, I think the key was does it have "scale wheels".   I finally tumbled to what was going on.  FWIW, the product number was also incorrect, the scale wheel version would have a different number.

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