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Next up on the Elegoo - I was asked if I could replicate the Trainphone antenna stands for Lionel J1a. I tried it out on my FDM Creality Ender. Not totally awful until I tried making the kickstand. This actually pushed me to get the resin printer this week. I also tried to make the inductors with stands. This is awesome man, I am pretty stoked. I envision making lots of neat things soon.
Comparison with my beloved Creality Ender FDM prints:


Next up:



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@PRR8976 posted:


  Does our typical train modeling paint (like Model Master, Testor's, Tamiya, etc.), easily adhere to 3-D printed items, like the railings?

  The railings really look sharp.


I spray bombed a couple of the poles I'm working on with that 2X primer and some Rustoleum Camo Brown. It seemed to like the Camo flat best. That 2X stuff stays tacky for too long. I figure if the flat camo sticks to it then I might use it as primer.

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