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i know this is like a what's your favorite caboose thread, but I have to say after 20 something years PS 1 and 2 are still my favorites.        (I have all railking)

I guess I'm talking mostly about the sounds. and I know some people don't like sounds at all. But for the talking at idle and the uncoupler PS1 and 2 are still my favorite. PS3 locos are more detailed,and run smoother, they don't do as much idle talk and their couplers don't really make a sound, they just don't do anything for me

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You know you can change sound sets right? That is a user capable feature that distinguishes MTH from competitors.

And thanks to Mark DiVecchio making that even better

Yes, I'll agree, I have seen some very nice sounds sets with realistic crew dialog and sequences in some PS2 engines- much better than some more generic ones in some PS3 engines. So in a way, I can absolutely agree, there are times I like a PS2 3V engine (important caveats), maybe even better than the PS3 model. The tradeoff is factory incandescent bulbs and even that can be looked at a feature or bonus when that is the look you prefer.

I prefer PS2, chiefly because I model the early 1950's era.  The incandescent bulbs in my PS2 steam engines look a lot better than the LEDs in my PS3 engines.  Specifically, the color of the PS2 lighting is more authentic, the number boards on the sides of the headlights are illuminated properly, and there is no "rule 17 lighting" (which I hate).

As far as my preferences, I think the PS/2 3V boards were my favorites.  They were far more repairable than the PS/3 boards, and seemed to stand up to some abuse better as well.  As far as LED's, I've equipped a ton of PS/2 stuff with LED's, a 220 ohm resistor and the LED and the job is done, easy-peasy.  While the PS/3 boards introduced more outputs for fancier lighting, without the ability to access the firmware to customize the functions of the outputs, the allure of that feature is limited, at least to me.

That's not to say the PS/3 boards didn't have some cool features, I just think they sacrificed serviceability for those extra functions.

I know, I know......PS-2 5 volt locos are labeled by many as "ticking time bombs". I still have about 8 of these and have not had one explode yet (Now that I said that, I am guessing they will blow up now). The thing about these is that every one I own will do 1 scale MPH smoothly. I don't get that from most of my 3 volt boards. The PS-3 locos don't smooth out til 4 scale MPH. I have a few that won't smooth out til 5 or 6 scale MPH. I like all my MTH locos equally.

Glad I got into DCS during the PS2 era. I converted that horrible clinks and clunks QSI first subway set to PS-2. Lesson learned.

IMO, PS2 is my choice with less quirks than PS3. So far, I only had to install 3 super caps out of maybe 9 PS2 units now reaching 15 plus years. Two of those were ebay purchases. One had a black corroded ground wire the other was missing a battery. I think the stored controlled environment adds some longevity of the original batteries. Had to replace one board on the R-36 WF subway with a PS2/3.

As for PS3’s, I encounter several unexplainable quirks with those. Mainly marker lights, number boards and head lights go out at random, corrupt or blank sound files. Sloppy software readouts in the remote listing features that are not on the engine. Loss of settings on repeatable lash ups. Whoever took over the Bills place screwed up the sounds on 3 of my last new MTH diesels.


I am reluctant to buy any more MTH engines, especially when they priced themselves out of the marketplace. Paying near or over 500 bucks is not justifiable to me. There are only 2 or 3 schemes I would like to add (BM) and will probably sell some I have or buy used and decal my own going forward. There are too many silly fantasy items being offered these days as well.

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