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hi ill bet if you take the motor out and rotate the wheels by hand you will find the binding, side rod or something out of time as some people have mentioned earlier timing has to be right for the side rods and piston rod assembly and if there off or someone has taken a wheel off and pressed it back on and not in the right position it will bind and jam!



I really wish that you hadn't taken the boiler off.  This was definitely a simple bind in the side rods probably from shipping. The  Odometer 00.00.7  Chrono 00:15:00 shows that this engine was barely used.  You have a new problem since you removed the boiler.  I have a feeling you might have piched a wire from the tach reader or disturbed the tach reader.  It was not binding before I sent it.

I think the source of the problem is definitely the rear left wheel. When I removed the rods etc from the wheel the binding issue went away. 

I am confident I have not pinched wires etc by removing the boiler, I used utmost care in doing so and made sure everything went back in nicely. Plus it was the only real way to troubleshoot issues with the rods.

This morning when I ran the train it ran properly for a minute or two then bound up again - after a short period where it seemed to race. When it was running it seemed to hold smph accurately.

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