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I’ll speak only to what I know regarding this topic. First, general rules:

From the DCS Companion:

A PS2 5 volt Sound File may only be loaded into a 5 volt PS2 engine*
A PS2 3 volt Sound File may be loaded into a 3 volt PS2 engine or a PS3 engine**
A PS3 Sound File may only be loaded into a PS3 engine.

Regarding Proto 2 5V:

First, Proto 2 initially had a What is referred to as the 5v system which was serviced/repaired as an assembly(for simplicity’s sake consider it as a single board). There were basically two versions(three if you consider 5v trolley DSP flash boards  to be distinct from 5v articulated loco  DSP flash boards) of the 5v board available.

Proto 2 5v Trolleys and articulated locomotive Boards with Flash Memory chips: P2 5v Trolleys and Articulated Locos have a board with a flash memory chip that can updated. THe boards in both of the aforementioned types, as 5v proto 2 models, even have the same part number. However, both have a specific DSP code. MTH loads a board with one of two DSP code versions- The trolley DSP code would be loaded to the Trolley board, the articulated code to the articulated board.

The other Proto 2 5v board is a ROM board, or a board with a read only memory chip- the prerecorded data on the these boards can’t be removed. This board has a part number different from the flash board shared by the trolley and articulated loco.

All That said, if you needed a new 5v board, you’d have to tell the MTH dealer or representative specifically what you want, ex. Pennsy Turbine from RTR set... or trolley(fill in blank). The dealer/rep will then find the product #, send the proper board with the specified sounds.

Source: Modern Toy Train Repair & Maintenace- CTT R.d. Teal

USing the general rule info and the info above- when it comes to Proto 2 sound files going to Proto 3 boards, no worries. When it comes to Proto 2 5v to Proto 2 5v, Proto 2 5v to Proto 2 3v, and even proto 2 3v to proto 2 3v- you have to check a number of factors.

ps 2 3 volt boards are the same board for diesel or steam just different sound files  but ps3 boards are different then steam diesel board are true ps 3 boards ps 3/2 boards are for replacing ps 2 5 volt boards that have failed and are a excact replacement except you have to replace the speaker from a 16 ohm to 4 ohm speaker for ps 2 3volt boards and ps 3/2 boards are also 4 ohm speaker !


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