Hi, I don't know if this is the correct forum to post to for this, sorry if it's not. I recently got a Rail King PS1 Santa Fe F3 30-40211A, in very nice looking shape with the original box and foam insert, at a yard sale pretty cheap ($25), was told it didn't run. I put a new MTH battery in it before even putting it on the track. It does 2 bell chimes when powered up and it lights up, however after that, until you power it down, all you get is static out the speaker. After the power down sequence starts you hear clearly the diesel engine powering down sounds without any distortion and 1 bell chime. Also the e unit does click when the change direction switch is pushed, however the locomotive does not try moving. I did try resetting the chip with my MTH PS1 chip reset kit and that didn't fix it. Is there anything I should be trying or looking for? By the way, I am running DCS ( the wifi version) on my entire layout. 

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No battery would not fry board.  Is voltage less then 10V when trying to come out of reset for the first time?  What transformer are you using?  G 

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