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Hi everyone

I have an old MTH engine that was in storage for years and i put a BCR into it and it works but non of the sound works, i took it to a MTH  authorized repair center and i can put in a Protosound 3/2 stacker board or a single PS3 upgrade board which would have to convert all the lights over to led, all my lights are all working anyone have any experience with these 2 boards ? are they both pretty reliable ?



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the amplifier chip, does that have to be unsoldered and the new one resoldered to the board or is it a plug in type ?

Soldered.  A royal pain IMO because of the nearby surface mount components to the through hole leads of amplifier package style chip.

I have a $300+ desoldering tool (Hako FR301) and even with it, I consider this job a challenge.

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