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I have a new to me railking rs1 that has a ps2 3vlt board. I have cleaned the wheels and pickup rollers. replaced all the traction tires and oiled sparingly were nessesary.

running the engine with dcs the engine runs smooth at 2 smph with the excel rate set at 2. the engine maintains its set speed given on straight sections of track fine.

when the engine goes into a curve it speeds up slightly. then when it goes back to a straight section of track it returns to the set speed given.

what would cause this issue? could it be a gearing or lubrication issue? or is the tack sensor or ps2 3vlt board having issues?

if this is a board software issue. would a ps3 upgrade solve this issue?

what should I do first to solve this? I love this engine and I really wanted it, but the slow speed control really bugs me.

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thanks guys, what an easy fix. I made sure the tach reader was fixed in properly. also discovered that the legs of a brass add on detail part that sat on the body above the motor was hitting slightly on the fly wheel. bent the brass tabs up flush with the body and wala problem solved. now it runs like a top. glad it was somthing simple. I have always wanted a santa fe zebra stripe rs1 in my collection. now it seams I have one. thanks again gentleman you guys nailed it.

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