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I have two engines that need repairs or replacement of the loco sounds board and PS-2 proto sound board.

I have 30-1191-1  Pennsylvania 2-8-0 with PS-2  has 9 volt battery.

I also have 30-1241-0 Pennsylvania 6-8-6 with loco sounds.

Both units will not work at all.

Does anyone have for sale either of the boards ?

Where can I get them repaired or replaced ?   MTH service is overloaded with repairs my last repair took 4 months.  They will out of business if I send them to MTH.

Any recommendations would help ?

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your engine30-1241-0  would need ps 3 steam kit installed and then you would have full DCS and sounds etc just like your 2-8-0 engine did! some tech's might be able to install board in engine but ii is  a tight fit in engine! if board can be put in engine would cost less ! asc tech can install kits around $250.00 to $300.00 depends what techs you ask price varies !


No sweat installing the PS32 board in the 30-1191-1 Pacific, which is a 4-6-2 BTW unless you posted the wrong number.  Since the PS/2 board is in the tender, there's plenty of room for the replacement board.  You also don't lose the extra controls afforded by the MUX boards that this locomotive uses for extra lighting controls.

As Alan says, the Locosound one would need the full upgrade kit.

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