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Hi All,

I recently acquired a PS2 set (MTH 30-2774-1) for quite a steal.  I'm still learning my way around the functions of PS2 as I typically stick to more analog locomotives.  All other PS2 engines I've purchased before have worked so far but this is the first that requires troubleshooting.  

Using a Z500 transformer, I set the engine on the rails and ran it for ~15min to test the battery.  I received no sound during that time and I checked to ensure the volume was turned up.  I then tested the couplers, motion, and smoke unit.  At a few points the sound would randomly pop in but then disappear again.  Based on noises I am hearing, it sounds as though the speaker is on, however no sounds are being produced.

I know PS2 engines use the battery and that is the cause of many issues, however I am not entirely sure of the function of the battery.  Would other functions, such as coupler control, still work if the battery was bad?  Or is the lack of audio a fair indicator of the issue?  I plan to open this engine up in the next few days to take a look but I wanted to get an idea of what may be the smoking gun (aside from a pinched wire or something silly).

I've included a video below that has the engine power up into neutral, then power down until I hear the battery cut out after a few seconds.  Thanks!


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F3 A-Unit PS2 Audio Issue
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John, I know I've seen multiple posts about replacing batteries as well as the "BCR."  From my brief research, I could either replace the battery with the MTH replacement or a BCR2, does that sound correct?

And thanks for the feedback about it probably not being the battery. I'll see whats going on under the covers.


Tinplate, the Z500 is powerful enough and is listed as a compatible transformer

Plus, a 5F supercap will take proportionately longer to charge up to a "working" voltage.  The math has been done somewhere in earlier OGR threads...but I'm guessing you might have to wait maybe 2 minutes (?) after application of track power before pressing the DIRECTION button for conventional operation.  Can be a bit confusing if used to charged-battery operation which allows instant running upon power up.

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