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I have some steam and diesel PS2 upgrade kits I bought for parts should my PS2 engines fail.  I’m now considering what to do with them.

1.  Install them in some Williams engines I have, or

2.  Keep for spare parts for my MTH PS2 engines and install PS3 or ERR in the Williams engines.


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Keep a couple and use the rest.   The PS/3 steam kit doesn't really give you much more capability than the PS/2 steam kit, so I'd use those first. The steam kits are designed to use PS/2 files and you get PS/2 capability.  You can use some of the PS/3 sound file (NOT THE CHAIN FILES), and add things like the quilling whistle.  The PS/2 boards are all the same in the diesel or steam kits.  If these are really old kits from early in the 3V production, you may have 1 meg boards, but if you bought them later in the production after a couple of years, they're going to be the 2 meg boards.  Certain PS/2 locomotives need the 2 meg kit.

Also, the standard PS/2 board can't be used for certain models, there is a special PS/2 FLASH board used in models with operating pantographs and for some subway models.  You can, however, use the new PS32 board to replace the PS/2 FLASH boards, there are special chain files available to emulate that capability.

The PS/3 diesel kit, OTOH, is a true PS/3 upgrade and includes stuff like all LED lighting, Rule-17 headlights, automatic cab light control, etc.  You use full PS/3 sound and chain files in the diesel kits.

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