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 I repaired a noisy smoke unit. When tested without the shell everything worked appropriately and the smoke unit was quiet. After installing the shell and testing the unit, the headlights, interior lights and marker lights came on and then went dim. I immediately removed the engine from the track and removed the shell to look for issues. Finding none, I retested the engine without the shell and the lights no longer work. I did a factory reset to no avail.  All other engine functions are working correctly. Is there a circuit board component that failed?

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Is this a steam or diesel engine?

Take a look at this thread and specifically the picture in this post:

Since you apparently have a meter, measure the availability of PV or "Positive Voltage" using the DC voltage mode as described.  All the lamps share this PV wire so if ALL lights are out, it stands to reason that the PV voltage has been disrupted at the connector or in the wiring from the connector to the lights.  There is more complicated wiring in a steamer with PV having to work its way up to the engine from the tender via the tether.  But if there's no PV voltage at the 12-pin connector to begin with, I'd say you have a problem on the board itself.

To your point, yes, there are individual transistors that provide independent control of the separate lamp circuits.  I suppose each transistor could have failed.  But given the circumstances of what you did and what you're seeing it does sound like there's a problem on the common or PV side of the circuits.

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