I fried some components on a PS2 3 volt board while testing different light behavior with various sound files.  I accidentally shorted something out.  The board is in a Brill trolley.  After the short, the interior lights were much too bright and only dimmed slightly when turned off.  The sound does not work either.  Everything else works just fine.  While I found the horn very annoying, I thought I would try to repair the board if reasonably possible. I don't want the sound back badly enough to pay for repairs, but it might be fun to do myself.  The only component that is visually damaged is the IC between R72 and U10 - the lower left corner has a grey spot where the smoke got out.  It is a quadruple, two input, positive NOR gate - not sure what functions it controls.  I guess I should replace the NOR gate chip (SN74HCT02PW), the audio IC (TPA2000D1TPWRQ1) and the interior light FET (probably an FDN5630).  I don't know which FET controls which lights.  I have two questions: 
1. Should I bother trying to repair the board?
2. Which FETs control what lights?

3. Can I put the smoke back in the chips instead of buying new ones? I believe someone had a kit to put the smoke back in British car electrics, but it might not be compatible.




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Thanks for the information.  I'm not absolutely sure 74HCT02 is damaged, it just appeared to have a grey residue which may have been there all the time.  If the battery stays charged properly, it may be ok.  Is the sound very likely to work after replacing the audio chip or are there other likely problems?

I can answer question #3, DREAM ON!

If it's just the interior lights that are too bright, replace Q3, it's an FDN5630 FET.  No sound is typically the TPA2000D1PW amplifier.

If you need the top power supply board, I have several, and I can make you a good deal on one.

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