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Hey fellas maybe one of you guys can figure what's wrong. I have the PS2 Worlds Fair Subway Set, which was upgraded with the PS32 3v board.  I downloaded both the PS2 "upgrade" sound file  and PS3 sound file and I get the same results. The files loaded correctly per the software.

The engine is recognized by the DCS remote as "R36", it starts up, shuts down and moves in both directions fine, when I individually select the station stops they work and sound fine. Horn and whistle sound fine.

Yet, when I hit the PFA button nothing happens. When I go to program the station stops and and hit FAS, I get no sound at all, when I press FSS I get no sound at all. When I press the clanking sound it works, the first time but no more, also background noises work when selected but that is it.  Hopefully I explained the issue correctly, and hopefully is user error instead of the sound board going bad or worse.

Thanks, J

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You have to load the subway/trolley chain files for the PS32 board for all those features to work.  The proper chain file is attached to this post.  Use the FLASH function to load it, leave it in the ZIP file and just point the DCS Loader to the file.  After it's loaded, you'll need to do a power cycle and wait 30 seconds after power off before powering on again.


No I had the upgrade done by my local hobby shop, but they forgot to upload the files. I did what John said to do and its working perfect!! Thanks!!

Sounds like an inadvertent slip by that very fine proprietor, LOL! Hopefully you used him and not that other guy.    I had a really bad experience with that guy on my R-32.  I only go with Bill for my 3/2 upgrades now.

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