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The new NKP Berk got a good run in today at friend Bob's large layout near here. This locomotive was produced in 2020/2021 and is a real beauty with more detail than I've seen on the earlier models including cab curtains and a drop plate from the cab. I believe it was 'new' and unrun but was not represented by the seller as such until I asked if he had operated it prior tp posting. He bought it from a local hobby shop doesn't think it had been run previously.  Essentially 'new ' when I put her on the track several weeks ago. Ran fine, smooth and quiet - but that was the problem: She made no sound at all other than the smoke fan motor. We tried everything to correct it and eventually discovered that the plug to the sound board had come unconnected. Full sounds are operational now but the smoke system is somewhat 'odd' in that it comes from the stack at a forward angle and appears as a  very thin stream at exit. The fan seems to put out better at some times and less at others. Rather disappointing as most MTH locomotives are exceptional smokers. I also have their PS3 SOUTHERN Mikado #4501 that is probably the best smoker I've ever owned.

Can anything be done to increase the stream of smoke coming from the smoke unit as it exits the hole in the stack itself? The opening appears normal but the stream is small and blows forward at an angle.

What a difference!  And the Berk is the newer model - the most recent Premiere Berkshire released.




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I would be money it's the wick blocking airflow. The FIRST thing I do on unboxing is open the smoke unit- remove the wick jammed between the 2 resistors- use the Mike Reagan method of folding the wick into a little pillow and put that in the bottom of the cup. I then also remove the fan impeller, add a drop of oil to the motor shaft top bushing, reinstall the fan impeller, preload the wick with smoke fluid visually to saturation (not counting drops- instead ensure wick is fully saturated but not a pool of liquid, then assemble.

I have never had to do that other than Lionel.  MTH pinches the wick offset from the fan housing hole.  If it was ran dry and the wick burned at the element that can happen.  The fan motor gasket can be misaligned or as mentioned the other items are possible.  You will need to inspect it as mentioned.  G

How I found this smoke unit from MTH parts and sales.


I pull the wick out from between the resistors.

I fold the wick into a layers of loops.


I pack the wick into the bottom of the cup with the "tails" downward towards the bottom of the cup to ensure nothing obstructs or pokes up into the airflow above the resistors.



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Too each his own, but the benefit in my opinion with MTH smoke units is pinching wick between elements.  I loosen the too ends, but leave the wick solid in the center and pinch it between the elements.  Make sure elements centered in housing and add a good dose of smoke fluid since the wrapped wick retains more.  G

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