I would say you need to replace the super cap and your problem would possibly go away? when you cut power to the engine how long do the sounds continue? needs to be around 7 seconds if dies immediately replace super cap, or have asc tech replace them for you! a engine item  number would help a lot !


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It does sound like the super cap that maintains power to the board after power loss, so that the board can do a proper shutdown. Isn't the super cap soldered to the board? There are several large capacitors on the board. Which one is the super cap. I would have a repair tech do this. Could the cap be tested by checking voltage across the cap immediately after disconnecting track power?

It could also be a software issue if the board is going through a proper shutdown. You could try reloading the software for the engine. 


The supercaps are the large ones on the bottom of the board for the steam tender board.  You can't miss them, and they're labeled 5F / 2.7V.  For diesel, they're also the same type, but they're on top between some other caps, folded down over the board.  It will require soldering to replace them.

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