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This is something I may have to go the GGG for. At least that's currently the plan. I was running my Premier K-4 PS3, the pride of my fleet. It was pulling a pretty heavy consist at about 18 smph when it just stopped dead and wouldn't restart. A quick look told me that the screw that attaches the drawbar to the engine had fallen out. I found the screw and the plastic washer (the spring is long gone). After reassembly I got nothing no matter what I tried. Based on another thread in the forum I'm guessing that when the screw fell out all of the car load got transferred to the harness inside the engine and yanked on one of the wires that either broke or came lose. Does this make sense? I can open the engine but don't want to be confronted with something I can't fix. But if it's easy I'll go ahead and try before shipping to GGG after the holidays. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I took the shell off during the holiday expecting/hoping to find a broken wire inside. No way. The drawbar wires go over the top of the motor and into a giant bundle with loop and metal clip to secure the wires. Engine is still amazingly dead.

I'm still convinced that it's one of the wires to the drawbar. Can someone tell me which of the six wires being broken would kill a PS3 engine like that? Or did some kind of board failure occur?

Thanks! As it is, it is most likely going to GGG for surgery if he is available to help.

Yes and left side wheels/chassis ground for pin 5.  But if the bottom of your drawbar pin area hit the track or any part of the engine chassis that usually means the board took a hit.  Testing each board out of engine with bench tester to confirm.  Also don't be surprised if you have continuity, but a wire can't carry current.  Chasing these wire issues is a lot of fun....not!  G

Yeah. That's beginning to look like the scenario. I checked all the wires from a board/connector inside the engine to the tender end of the drawbar and got continuity. Per the schematic you can go from pins 5 and 6 right to the track. So after the drawbar screw fell out on the engine side, the bottom of the drawbar and exposed pins probably hit the center rail. So maybe a dead board in the tender.

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