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As you all know, the PS3 upgrades are on the way.  I did a PS3 Diesel upgrade for testing last September.   Mike informed me I can now share information and pictures with OGR Forum members.  MTH is now releasing the replacement boards to replace old and worn 5 volt boards.  The platform that MTH is using is the PS3 diesel board with a plug in adaptor board.  This adaptor board allows you to pull out your PS2 5 volt board and plug in this new board.  Your new board will now make your locomotive a PS3 locomotive less the battery and associated hardware.  You will need to load a PS2 3V file or an updeted to 3V 5V file.   MTH is using the diesel board in the conversion and upgrade kit.  To tell the difference on the two adaptor boards, the 5 volt version will have black (HIROSE) connectors and the 3 volt board will have white (CHYAO SHIUNN) connectors.  The part number on the diesel board is AE-1000035.  The 5 volt adaptor board is part number AE-1005v36 and the 3 volt adaptor board is AE-1003v36.  A new heat sink number IC-0000026 is needed. The first few pictures will show the diesel board and adaptor board for 3 volt plugs.  This is what you will see in your upgrade kits.


The next picture will show a PS3 board set (bottom) with a PS2 board set to show you they are about the same size.  I will then show the PS3 mounting bracket (top) next to a PS2 bracket.  FYI, the holes line up even with each other.


The next picture will show both the 3 volt and 5 volt adaptor boards.  The 3 volt is the one on the top with the white Chyao Shiunn connectors.  The 3 volt board is plugged into the diesel board.  Using the diesel board with the adaptor boards is a good deal as the adaptor board has plugs that go into the diesel board firmly unlike the 40 pin connector on production diesel locomotives.  The next picture will show the adaptor board with the firm plugs.


Next two pictures are of PS3 5 volt set ups.  As mentioned earlier, pull your 5 volt board out and plug these in and your engine is now a PS3 engine with the proper or updated sound file loaded in. 


The next picture is of a 3 volt adaptor board.  Please notice the two pin plug on top of these 3 volt and 5 volt adaptor boards.  These are not for a battery.  These will be used for later slave connections.


The last pictures are of a PS1 Mass Bay F-40 PH.  Original PS1 to PS3.  The PS3 kits will be easier to use than the PS2 kits.  Both PS2 and PS3 share the same speaker and all wiring harnesses.  To do my early PS3 upgrade, all that was needed was to substitute the PS3 board for the PS2 board as in a standard upgrade. 



I know many will have questions and I will throw out all I know at this point.







ps31 004

ps31 015

ps3 upgrade 012

ps31 034

ps31 002

ps31 021

ps3 upgrade 008



ps3 upgrade 003

ps3 upgrade 020

ps3 upgrade 023


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  • ps31 004
  • ps31 015
  • ps3 upgrade 012
  • ps31 034
  • ps31 002
  • ps31 021
  • ps3 upgrade 008
  • ps3 upgrade 003
  • ps3 upgrade 020
  • ps3 upgrade 023
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Does the speaker (8 OHM ) in a 5 volt PS2 system need to be replaced in the PS3 upgrade as it did in the 3 volt PS2 upgrade with a 4 OHM speaker?

Yes, if you want to preserve the engine's loudness. You can leave an 8 ohm speaker instead of the 4 ohm if you can live with reduced volume.


The reverse, however, is not true.

The PS32 boards will be available to the tech guys.  The upgrade kits can be purchased by everyone.  Matt, the boards you want are available now.  Total plug and play.  Pull the 4 pin, 5 pin, 7 pin, 8 pin, and 12 pin off your blown 5 volt board and plug them into the replacement board.  Good to go.  You do not have to do anything with the Mux.  Just plug in the board.  All existing wire stays in place.

Originally Posted by RJR:

Norton, "PS1" is the pre-DCS sound system.  When I upgraded my non-MTH locos to PS2, I gutted all the wiring except for the wires from the rollers.

RJR, I understand that. What I am asking is will this kit contain all the connectors, lights, couplers, tethers, etc that used to be included in the PS 2 upgrade kits or is it a scaled down kit that reuses those components and only intended for MTH PS1 engines.



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Pete, I'm not Ralph.  Not having seen the PS3 kits, I won't venture an answer.  But, the PS2 upgrade kits did not include a volume pot (re-used the PS1 pot or you could use alternatives), and included a standard gap tach reader which might or might not have the proper gap for your particular loco.



Pete, the PS3 kit will have every item the PS2 kit had.  The PS3 kit will be less the battery and related wiring.  The PS3 upgrade I did was a PS2 kit with the PS2 board swapped out for a PS3.  Everything will be present to do whatever locomotive you want.  When Mike first came out with the PS2 upgrade kit, it was intended to do PS1 locomotives.  It did not take long before the guys were doing almost anything that ran on rails.


I have done 148 PS2 upgrades and 2 PS3 upgrades.  I  have done Weaver, 3rd Rail, Atlas, and Williams.  I am happy the guys will get the PS3 kits but more happy that all of us with PS2 5 volt boards will have a plug and play option to make those locomotives PS3.  


I know MTH bashers are lurking but I want to say I know how much energy MTH has put into this program and being an operator I am thankful to MTH and the great people at MTH R&D.

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