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This is a cross post from the 3 rail board...but wanted everyone to know that I have worked it out with MTH to have a limited number of these done in 2 rail...

These cars, IMHO, and some of the most detailed that MTH ever made...they are on a par with Atlas Master line.  Separately applied wire details, really nice, if u havent seen them close up.

Main Central Steel drop bottom gondolas  (Green with yellow lettering and the pine tree logo)

C&EI steel drop bottom gondolas  (Tuscan with white lettering)

NYO&W  fishbelly 2 bay hopper cars  (Late scheme, with logo in center of car)

Clinchfield fishbelly 2 bay hopper cars  (Typical clinchfield across the top of the car)

Unlettered (black) 2 bay fishbelly hopper cars

These will all be available in up to 6 road numbers

Further down the line....(maybe a year out)

NYO&W  wood side drop bottom gondolas

SP&S  wood side drop bottom gondolas

36' wood side beer reefers

I'll have artwork or pix as soon as I can..



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