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I think we finally have it in the books....This is what we will be doing in special run MTH freight cars  so far..

These cars, IMHO, and some of the most detailed that MTH ever made...they are on a par with Atlas Master line.  Separately applied wire details, really nice, if u havent seen them close up.

Main Central Steel drop bottom gondolas  (Green with yellow lettering and the pine tree logo)

C&EI steel drop bottom gondolas  (Tuscan with white lettering)

NYO&W  fishbelly 2 bay hopper cars  (Late scheme, with logo in center of car)

Clinchfield fishbelly 2 bay hopper cars  (Typical clinchfield across the top of the car)

These will all be available in up to 6 road numbers

Further down the line....(maybe a year out)

NYO&W  wood side drop bottom gondolas

SP&S  wood side drop bottom gondolas

36' wood side beer reefers

I'll have artwork or pix as soon as I can..



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