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The following article recently appeared in the local Mason County, WA magazine "PROFILE" ...  The reporter tells the story of Puget Sound's Lionel King---  71-year old Ray Dumke and his "House of Trains" in Hoodsport, WA.  If you think that you have seen model train collections, you haven't seen anything to beat Ray's "House of Trains" .  Nestled in a custom-made temperature controlled building of 24 x 48 feet in size, nestled out in the forest near Lake Cushman, not far from Ray's main house, it is a fantasy world of Lionel, MTH, Rail-King, American Flyer, K-Line, Williams, Atlas, and a multitude of others all rolled into one amazing spot on Washington's coast line.


Ray collects, restores, repairs, buys, trades, sells all matter of things RAIL.  His repair shop keeps a minimum of

 $ 150,000 worth of repair parts of all kinds at the ready, from the smallest screw to steam locomotive replacement cylinders and wheels, et al.   His garage aux storage room contains dozens of transformers of every voltage, wattage and "letter" designation.  If you want something bad enough to buy or have a heck of a problem trying to get some antiquity repaired, check out "House of Trains" and tell Ray that Mr. Ken Shattock sent you !

Enjoy the article !!         (I vote for Rich Melvin and OGR to do an article on Ray someday!!)









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