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I'm new to the hobby.  A neighbor died and I purchased a couple of Lionel train sets that were still in their original packages. never used. One was 027 track and train and the other one was the newer fastrack and train.  I'm looking to begin to do a setup and I see I'll need more of the fastrack, due to just the small loop they give you with the train.  I would like to purchase some of your fastrack (clean) pieces.  How do I go about doing this?

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Click on the name of the poster while you're signed in and it will take you to their profile page where their contact information is listed.   Contact offline to purchase.

I also recommend reading the rules for this forum to avoid having future threads deleted.   I'm sure the moderators will be lenient with this thread as you're new to the hobby. 

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Lionel manufactures Fastrack both in individual pieces (straights, curves, switches, etc.) and as pre-packaged expansion packs. You should take a look at their Track and Power Catalogue to see what's available  (http://catalogs.lionel.com/16tp/html5/) and, in addition to searching our Forum members and sponsors, maybe take a ride to your local train store and see what kind of selection they have.  Good luck.

If you're looking to purchase any train related items, try starting a thread on the "wanted to buy" forum. You can get there from the OGR forum home page. Down the left side of the page, you will see several different forums. Once you click on the  "wanted to buy" forum, click "post". Then click "Topic. From there, you can create a thread.

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If you want to buy a decent amount of track, check the auction sites.  You can usually get Fastrack in big bundles for a pretty good price.  I've ordered around 100 pieces this way and have only received one bad piece of track.  If you want new track, check the forum sponsors (links are above) as they usually have really good prices.

As a fellow new guy here, I would recommend not doing what I did: buying a little bit of each type of track to figure out which one you like/need.  Figure out first what you want to do, and then buy all you need.  You'll save yourself some money and a lot of heartache.


   As you acquire your FasTrack I also recommend the purchase of FasTrack Command Control Switches, that operate via track power, totally controlled by either the Legacy Hand Held Remote Control (HHRC) or the TMCC HHRC.  One great piece of Lionel Engineering.


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