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Does anyone here know what the intended purpose is of the electrical contacts on the sides of FasTrack Operating track sections and if there are any operating accessories or other connections that would utilize these connections?

With the roadbed sides removed there are two sets of three brass contacts on both sides of Operating FasTrack. They appear to provide connections to Track power, Common, its own switched power, and diagonally to another opposite side contact. The Owners Manual doesn't mention these connections and I have not seen any accessories that would use them. Are they maybe for some possible future use by Lionel?

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  • Operating Track side contacts: Operating Track side contacts
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Thank you for your question and suggestion.

The included Lionel 2 button controller has 4 small spade connectors which connect to the underside of the Operating track section and provide power to the auxiliary (Operating/Unloading) rails or its electro-magnetic coil (Decouple).  The side contacts however seem to be designed to make connections with accessories that would snap in place of the removable roadbed sides, making compression electrical connections with these hypothetical accessories' mating contacts.

You may be onto something with your question about the controller.  As electricity often flows in more than one direction, these contacts might also provide the ability for a side attached accessory to control some of the Operating Track's functionality.

But at this point it's just speculation...

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