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OGR member Marker’s Blue Goose 

MTH model? I have MTH's regular version of the 3460 class (3463) and love it. I feel like I need the "Blue Goose" as well, but I'd have to sell a piece of motive power to fund it/have space for it, and I like all the locomotives I already have. 

Is the "Blue Goose" pulling a mail train in the photo or the Grand Canyon? I see what looks like a RPO and baggage car behind the tender. I'll occasionally use my 3463 to pull a lightweight Chief consist, because it was a regular occurrence from about 1938 till 1948, when the 3460 class was bumped off the chief by PAs and regeared FTs.  

Santa Fe, All the Way

When I think "Santa Fe" I always think:

Full length Domes!



And the Grand Canyon!


Yes, that was me dangling my feet. Please excuse the artifact as it is very difficult to take pics of Dad's high-gloss enlargements.




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Posted this once before and the only comment I got was “the guy is on the wrong side of the road...” perhaps this was by accident then again perhaps it’s so unrealistic that it ranks up with lobster claw couplers and pizza cutter flanges running among sponge rubber green foliage scenery.  Yeah it sucks because the car is on the wrong side of the road I know that. 


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Eric I spent many days on the wrong side of the road in the back of my Uncle's International Harvester pick-up as he negotiated the many turns on the back roads around his farm and wouldn't have thought twice about the position of that car while being amazed by realism of your work.  That goes for Marker's Blue Goose as well.  First glance and I was thinking it was a colorized photo of the real thing.

Brendan kudos for your input.

Red Caboose Geep 9:


I was running some of my 2 rail stuff the other day, and this model was running less than "great", so I gave it the ol' once over. In doing so, I discovered that (2) of the 4 axle gears had split; not an uncommon occurrence with these Atlas/Roco hybrids. 

I've replaced these before (on F9s) using NWSL products, but since they are closing, I wasn't sure if they would still be a source of parts. I emailed them and within an hour or so heard back from Dave in the affirmative, so I have a set ordered and on the way.   It's good to know that they are still an option, for the time being at least...

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Brian, Santa Fe rednose F7 304L appears in a lot of photos, mostly by coincidence.  It was purchased in 1949 as the leading unit of a bobtail (A-B-B) consist, and it's on the point of the Super Chief in the famous Blanchard, NM, Company photo which hung in so many Santa Fe ticket offices.  It's an "old friend" -I ran it a couple of times when I was a passenger Fireman in the pre-Amtrak days.



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Santa Fe, All the Way

You can never have too much Santa Fe. Even the Cimarron Valley Railroad (a small branch line) thinks so. I like this one so much I might do a couple of Dash 8's this way.

2019-06-17 05.26.322019-06-17 05.26.27

But in keeping with the theme of this thread:

2011-12-28 18.53.382014-10-11 15.04.17

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@Lou1985  That's exactly were I snagged it from. I keep a tiny tree up 365days a year now.  Some of the Hallmarks are N scale, that being one, and fit right on N normal gauge track too. The photo of it on rails was even more out of focus though.  I also turned some N scale models into custom ornaments.

  I have smaller Hallmark too, and wonder if those will rail on Z track?

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Lew, ant idea of what station that time table is from?

That trainboard was on the outside wall of the Grand Canyon station, on the highway side of the building.


This is the Santa Fe station at Grand Canyon Village, Az from the trackside. In the early '60s it was rare in the Summertime to be able to see the station unobscured by standing Tour Trains. Almost always at least one and often two long passenger trains arrived in the morning and sat empty all day while the passengers became tourists viewing the Grand Canyon. In the evening those trains would slip away bound for either La or Chicago.

On edit: Checking Dad's trip logs he took that pic Summer of '62, '63, or '64. I spent those Summers hanging out at the canyon.

Photo mine



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Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.


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" Seen this morning on a passing freight on the Free State Junction Railway in Patsburg "IMG_4063

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